Year of the Snake

The year of the snake involves shedding a skin.  Or two.  Or three.  Let these layers fall.

The sensation can be freeing.  The afterglow can be terrifying.  Many aspects of our identity, evaluations of self worth, focus on past and future, are attached to these layers.  Without them, we can feel confused, disoriented, bewildered.  The scales fall off naturally, of their own accord.  As a result, we become more present.  What’s essential to creating true joy and love is revealed, the heart.  It’s a year to nourish the creative soul space.

As the layers fall, we are liberated.  The kundalini, sacred energy in the image of a snake coiled at the base of the spine, can rise.  Resulting in illumination, full consciousness, love.

This is the year to shed skin.

And to be awakened.