Hwalan is a polymath scholar warrior yogini, martial artist, healer, multi-media artist, writer, actor and visionary. The dialogue between seemingly opposing forces, traditional and contemporary, East and West, earthly and heavenly, ultimately leading to greater oneness on all levels, is at the heart of her work.

Hwalan was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in upstate New York.  At eighteen, Hwalan moved to New York City and attended Columbia University.  She majored in Visual Art, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Hwalan felt the need to return to her birth country, compelled to study traditional Korean performing arts: drumming, dance, opera, yoga and martial arts.  After starring in a Korean drumming extravaganza, Hwalan spent time with martial art monks in a temple in the countryside.  This is when Hwalan realized a complete system of yoga, martial arts, breathe work, meditation and tai qi could result in enlightenment.  The body was a vehicle that could transform human to sacred.

Returning to New York, Hwalan immediately became a member of the USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team.  Hwalan currently trains in Wu Shu.  Martial Art/Dance includes: ESPN’s 100 Greatest Moments in Sports, High5 Games (2 video games), NYCO at Lincoln Center, Wu Tang Clan Revival Concert at the Meadowlands.  Acting includes: The Blacklist,  Horace and Pete, BAM Next Wave Festival, Guggenheim, HERE Arts Center.  Art includes: The Armory, Philadelphia Museum, National Arts Club.

Perfecting her yoga practice as well, Hwalan is today one of New York City’s top yoga teachers.  Hwalan is the creator of Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™.  Based upon yoga and martial arts, the expression is an embodiment of the dynamic between opposites: male/female, life/death, power/softness, speed/stillness, up/down, etc.  Movement is based upon the perfect shape, the sphere, and the magical element, water.  By coordinating the kinetic math of the body, levels of mind and emotional colors of the heart, a wholeness is achieved.  The light grid of the nervous system is key, aligning the physical, mental, emotional, etheric bodies with the divine.  This leads to greater peace with others and the way one lives with the cycles of the natural universe. 

“Hwalan is among the most beautiful beings I have ever known. She radiates spirituality, discipline and intelligence. Her respectful manner and inner commitment inspires in her students a serious yoga practice for the body and the mind.”

-Alexandra Munroe | Senior Curator of Asian Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum