Kung Fu Yoga™ is based upon the physics (dynamic alignment), chemistry (nervous system)  and consciousness (awareness) of the practitioner.  The focus is placed upon how movement happens, as opposed to movement itself.  This expedites the process of learning and also avoids or heals injury.  This is objective. 

Your constitution is unique. You come in different sizes and shapes.  You have different movement backgrounds ranging from the absolute beginner to the trained athlete.  You have been on this earth for different amounts of time.  Alignment, emotional coloration, awareness, are singular for each person.  The best means to shifting you into an optimal place is therefore subjective. 

My teaching process is simultaneously highly objective and highly subjective.  Students celebrate break throughs in their practice, psyche, and life – as truly, all is one.  

I teach new students by referral only.  For more info email: info@hwalanyoga.com

Policy: All private sessions are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy, requiring full payment.

"Practicing yoga with Hwalan is physically challenging, mentally invigorating and spiritually uplifting. All at once she calms and stimulates the body and mind. She is knowledgeable, articulate, creative, passionate and committed to the advancement of her student’s practice. As an actor and former student of the Meisner Technique, Hwalan is able to see the connection between one's yoga practice and an actor’s ability to be fully present physically and emotionally in their work. I recommend a regular practice with Hwalan to strengthen and deepen the connection to the breath, the body, the spirit and the soul."

-Deb Jackel | Faculty, William Esper Studios