Kung Fu Yoga® is simultaneously objective and unique. Perfect movement is objective.  However, the imbalances of each person are unique.  Private sessions are the ideal way to rebalance in a way that is specifically optimized for each person.

Balance is the key to health.

Hwalan welcomes students from all phases of life and practice background, beginner to advanced.  Hwalan is only accepting new students who are interested in a dedicated practice.

Email: assistant@kungfuyoga.org


May our inner light

Shine through the diamond of compassion

Refracting multiple facets of truth

Across the earth.


copyright Hwalan Shub January 2019


"Practicing yoga with Hwalan is physically challenging, mentally invigorating and spiritually uplifting. All at once she calms and stimulates the body and mind. She is knowledgeable, articulate, creative, passionate and committed to the advancement of her student’s practice. As an actor and former student of the Meisner Technique, Hwalan is able to see the connection between one's yoga practice and an actor’s ability to be fully present physically and emotionally in their work. I recommend a regular practice with Hwalan to strengthen and deepen the connection to the breath, the body, the spirit and the soul."

-Deb Jackel | Faculty, William Esper Studios