Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is a system unifying the ancient practices of martial arts and yoga.  The goal of martial arts is realizing the greatest amount of power possible through mastery of the self.  The goal of yoga is abiding peace through freedom.  The goal of Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is achieving the greatest power through peace in order to realize our full potential in the modern world.   Sphere Alignment™ leads to wholeness in all aspects of our life. 

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ optimizes our flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and life  force inside the body.  The practice moves from gi gong (moving energy through the body), yoga (freeing energy in the body), martial arts (empowering energy in the body),  tai qi (changing equilibrium in the body), meditation (harnessing the mind) and breath work (flow of feeling).  The system illuminates how opposite energies inform each other.

Sphere Alignment™ is based upon the kinetic geometry of the joints, progressing from the center (pelvis) to the radii (limbs).  Understanding the physics of the body facilitates ease, efficiency and power.  Breathing is rooted in the core energy source, the pelvis and moves to the extremities, the top of the head, fingertips and toes.  Breathing techniques enable us to stay present through a range of sensation and improve both circulation and coordination via the nervous system.  Awareness of the whole sphere of one’s being is honed through constant shifting dynamic balance.  Calm focus results in being in the zone.  All of life arises from the tripartite network of physics, chemistry and consciousness. Transformation is possible when we are aligned, breath unhindered and mind clear.   

The practice is a map for how to live.  We live in the presence of connection by understanding the interplay of opposites.  Positive and negative charges ignite creativity instead of conflict.  We’re liberated to think outside the box from a foreshortened either/or mentality.  We’re able to see patterns instead of confusion.  By understanding cycles we live in harmony with the ways of nature and know grace.

When you have true power, you are peaceful.  Violence is a reaction to feeling disempowered.  Love is the most powerful emotion.   You have to fight to love.  You just have to give up to hate.  Love what you do powerfully.   In work and life.  In sublime art, form and meaning are one.  The body is the form of our life.  The unification of opposites transcends me vs. you and leads to us.  The seed of the divine resides in the center of us, not outside ourselves.  Through nourishing this seed, we realize the full beauty of life.  Confidence is fortified and fear subsides.  We can play with moving stillness, logical inspiration, harmonious passion, easygoing health and crazy clarity.

The bodhisattva warrior has the strength to live with the heart wide open.


copyright Hwalan Shub 2016

Hwalan, What you do changes lives. You put so much into your class. Thank you for your generosity. Another chance in healing and be a vessel of love like you said.

God bless you, Ana Luchangco, InSpace NY Design founder, NYU Professor