Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is a system unifying the ancient practices of martial arts and yoga.  The goal of martial arts is realizing the greatest amount of power possible through mastery of the self.  The goal of yoga is abiding peace through freedom.  The goal of Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is being simultaneously powerful and peaceful in order to realize our full potential in the modern world.

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ optimizes the energy flow inside the body through a connected series of yoga poses and martial art kicks and strikes, unlocking our complete capacity for flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.  The keys are alignment, breath and focus, which are equivalent to geometry of the body, flow of feeling and harnessing of the mind.

Alignment is based upon the math of the body and the perfect shape, the sphere.  The geometrical order from pelvis, spine to limbs is illuminated.  When alignment is correct, muscles work perfectly.  When we are misaligned, tension arises.  Alignment is always relational to the whole.  Joints give rise to and therefore supersede focus upon muscle movement.  Pure power is only possible when generated from the center in a relaxed, coordinated body.

Breathing is rooted in the lower lower abdomen, the core energy source of the body.  The breath is connected to feeling and circulation.  When we cut ourselves off from feeling, our circulation is impaired.  Breathing techniques enable us to stay present through a range of sensation and to shift from steady equanimity to forceful direction.  Correct breathing improves the current of the bio-electric grid of the nervous system.  The health of the nervous system underlies the behavior of all other systems of the body.  Circulation and energy are enhanced.

Mindfulness arises from the physical practice that demands awareness of the whole of one’s being in the present moment.  Calm focus results in being in the zone, ie. a state of meditation.  Disciplining the mind is necessary to unleash our latent abilities.

When we are aligned, our breath unhindered and our mind clear, the result is harmony.   Through the union of opposites, we are arrive at wholeness.  We become one, first with oneself, then each other, then the world.  Harmony leads to understanding the cyclical ways of nature.  We can tap into and guide the energy of the universe moving through us.  Our energy becomes exponential.

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ provides us with an elegant way to live based upon the triad that gives rise to all of life: physics, chemistry and consciousness.   Kung Fu Yoga™ illuminates the dynamic math, emotional bio-chemistry and awareness of self. 

How you are in your body is a map for how to live your life.  By understanding that opposites exist inside each other, we live in the presence of connection.  Mastery over duality enables dynamic balance.  Harmony allows efficient ease. We are ignited by the creative power of positive and negative charges.  We’re able to see patterns and gain the capacity for stillness in motion, control and flow, left and right brain constructs, logic and intuition, discipline and inspiration, ferocity and compassion, male and female.  We become intelligently creative.   By understanding cycles we are fortified by living in concert with the ways of nature.

When you have true power, you are peaceful.  Power is the inverse of violence.  Violence is a reaction to feeling disempowered.  Love is the most powerful emotion.   You have to fight to love.   You just have to give up to hate.  Love what you do powerfully.   In work and life.  In sublime art, form and meaning are one.  The body is the form of our life.  Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ teaches us how to be fully in the world with power, peace and love.


copyright Hwalan Shub 2016

Hwalan, What you do changes lives. You put so much into your class. Thank you for your generosity. Another chance in healing and be a vessel of love like you said.

God bless you, Ana Luchangco, InSpace NY Design founder, NYU Professor