Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is based upon the triad that gives rise to all of life: physics, chemistry and consciousness.  Kung Fu Yoga™ illuminates the dynamic math, nervous system and awareness of the body of self.

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ maps the kinetic geometry of the joints.  The action of a joint gives rise to and therefore supersedes focus upon movement.  All geometry is referenced upon the perfect shape, the sphere.  An hierarchy progresses from the pelvis, spine, then limbs.

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ highlights the bio-electric grid of the nervous system as the primary influence upon the behavior of all other systems of the body.  The health of the nervous system underlies the optimization of the practitioner.

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ re-unites the ancient meditative systems of martial arts and yoga as an expression of wholeness.  The goal of martial arts is unlocking the greatest amount of power possible.  The goal of yoga is abiding peace.  The goal of Kung Fu Yoga™ is mastery over duality through dynamic balance. 

Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga™ is an expression unifying opposite energies, such as male and female, power and softness, speed and stillness, ferocity and compassion, life and death.  Kung Fu Yoga™ unlocks the keys to coordination, flexibility, efficiency, harmony, energy and freedom.  The somatic grammar and vocabulary of Kung Fu Yoga™ is inherently articulate.  Kung Fu Yoga™ advances a practitioners potential in dance, athletics and greater well being. 

In the greatest art, form and meaning are one.  The body is the form, or instrument, of our life.  Kung Fu Yoga™ navigates how being in the body can be a formula for enlightened living.

The logo represents the wholeness of the sphere, the five staffs of the body: spine, arms and legs; the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether; and the five constitutions: passion, illumination, love, clarity and divinity.  The logo is about living life fully, in all situations, all the time.  And represents delving into the full spectrum of what it is to be human in order to achieve a full spectrum of happiness.


Hwalan Kung Fu Yoga Dance

  • The focus is on how and what generates movement.  Not the movement itself.
  • Movement is based upon the physics of the body and the kinetic geometry of the sphere.
  • Expression is arrived at based upon the dancers process.
  • Total awareness and wholeness of self is demanded.
  • Inherent in the process is a path towards mastery by overcoming duality.
  • All movement is charged by a dynamic of opposites.
  • Intrinsic to the expression is a transmutation of blockages into wholeness.
  • The work explores poles (opposite charge), gravity, spin, hemispheres.
  • Because the process of arrival is singular for the dancer, each performance, dance, is singular.



copyright Hwalan Shub 2016