Kung Fu Yoga® Workshops

Movement, Breath, Stillness

A magical alchemy occurs when the embodied philosophy of Kung Fu Yoga® or Yoga is combined with pranayama and meditation.  When the body is harmonious, heart open and mind clear, the light of consciousness can move through your entire being.  Currents of grace, light and wisdom flow freely, guiding and illuminating your life.

Kung Fu Yoga®

Kung Fu Yogar provides an embodied map for realizing your greatest potential in all aspects of life with health, harmony, joy, love and fulfillment.


Pranayama (breathe work) attunes the nervous system for meditation, establishes emotional equilibrium and clears currents of qi (life energy).


Through meditation, awareness of the mind creates a shift into pure presence and peace.


For inquiries please email: assistant@kungfuyoga.org

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“Practicing yoga with Hwalan is as internally beautiful as it is externally challenging.”

-Sara Lee Schupf | Namesake of the Sara Lee Corp, chairwoman of the Weizmann Women and Science Award, trustee of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, the New York Academy of Sciences, and Skidmore College, member of the President's Committee of the National Academy of Sciences