The sphere is the perfect shape. The sphere embodies harmony, coordination and kinetic balance. Through a series of four workshops, we will explore the concept of a sphere within the four primary bodies of our being: physical body, emotional body, mental body and energy body. The essence of the sphere is the relationship between the center and dimensional radii. When we have balance, are nourished and centered, we are buoyant. When we lose our center, we become uncoordinated and we lose our shape. The first workshop will explore the center of the physical body and how to breath, speak and move from this center. The other three workshops will build on this dynamic map.

The NoVo foundation is dedicated to restoring balance in the world. In order to do this, you the activist must be balanced. There is a responsibility of self-care in order to more successfully serve. The greater harmony we have in our lives, the greater our impact in transmitting harmony outwards. When the sphere of your being is buoyant, more energy is generated to successfully realize NoVo’s vision. The breathe of love going out into the world is empowered from your center.

Wisdom is knowledge embodied.